Laminating and finishing industrial equipment
Over 40 years in laminating and finishing industrial equipment production

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Being a Tecnomac dealer means represent the quality of Made in Italy in the world, becoming part of a structured and continuosly growing dynamic network. You will create stable relationship and get satisfied customers, increasing your know – how and making your network bigger.


As our dealer you will have the opportunity to represent, promote and manage sales and after sales phases of our machines.

Training and sales material will help you to understand better any needs of your prospect, giving you the base to face every situation without problems, independently on the questions you will receive.

For any need you can talk daily with the differents Tecnomac departments:

  • Sales, to receive support during sales phases
  • Customer service, to receive support immediatly and for machine life
  • Marketing , to receive always updated marketing material for your negotiations and for the exhibitions you will decide to attend

Managing a big range of highly customizable machines, you will be able to answering to big and small companies needs.

Our experience of almost 50 years allow us to guarantee high quality and reliability in our services: this is also thanks to our dealers that every day contribute to make us always more appreciated and globally recognized.

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