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Digitally connected: Digital print and finishing on-demand

For some years now, digital print has been gaining more and more importance on the market, thanks mainly to its evident versatility.

This change makes companies in condition to expand their offer , investing in digital print machines  to meet the increasingly requests of customers.

Also finishing industry  managed the new trend trying to develop machines appositely thought to satisfy the new need: guarantee high quality jobs in a short time, even for short runs.

We understood how much  this change was affecting companies’s choiches, for this reason was born  EASY, “ digital native” created to meet  the new exigence: the on-demand requests.

The finishing  on small size is revealing a great opportunity for packaging industry because it allows to manage small productions destined for example to typical products which even if don’t need high runs, always leave a unique and exclusive perception.

Digital printing is allowing many companies to have several  customers with different needs thanks to the possibility to guarantee flexibility in customization , all this in a very short time.

EASY will let  you manage small size and short runs with low consumption of energy thanks to its efficient heating system which allows to reach the right temperature in a short time.

The potentials of finishing on digital  can be use in almost all sectors ( food, cosmetics, publishing) for this reason it is becoming really important to answer to different requests with a common element: fast in delivery .

In the information era  bad equipment is a choice: choose to enhance your prints with performing machines , ensuring to  your customers unforgettable  finished products.

To receive more information on our EASY, write to, we will be pleased to answer to all your questions concerning finishing.


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