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Elegants reliefs and precious enhancements

Like all years Grimaldi Forum hosted Luxe Pack, the most important event dedicated to luxury packaging; for the exhibitor companies Luxe Pack is always the opportunity to present new products, result of the union from new technologies to new trends.

Coffret, packaging, displays are just some of the products, presented at Luxe Pack, that really need to be enhanced because if embellished with pretty glitter effect, holographics and reliefs, get an exceptional added value.

It becomes therefore really important to be equipped to answer to enhacement needs that always more often our customers asks us , especially those who works with high level packaging.

Foiling it is surely an enhancing process that strongly affects on effectiveness communication of products, for example on business cards or shoppers, that always more often are ehanced with cold foil application.

To meet the needs of our customers we tought to LAMISTEP  ,machine for foil transfer on digital toner/ inks and screenprinting varnish , that allows foil application reducing consumption.

With LAMISTEP you will can manage an industrial production using a different colors of foil, optimizing the production time.

This kind of enhacement , as well as saving time, allows to reduce costs related to cliché because it doesn’ t need any support.

Thanks to its versatility , LAMISTEP allows to enhance not only packaging( for cosmetics, food and perfumery) but also book covers,proving versatility  also on publishing industry.

Despite the foil allows to give the prints a decorative effect of great value, it is important that the application is made with machines that guarantee a perfect adhesion to avoid unpleasant “cracks”.

Precious, elegant, innovative , the ehancement can take different shapes , for example according to the combination of  paper/films colors , each of which  will make your packaging special.

Choose to stand out with exclusive works , anticipating trends and making your products unforgettables.

Come to discover the different possibilities of enhancement at our headquarter in Cremona, contact us at, we will please to organize a demo during which you will have a possibility to see  our machines working.

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