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Printing valorizing and harmonies of colors

We know how much the personalization of printed products  rises up the quality level.

This is why, all those enhancing  techniques  giving an exclusive appeal to the finished product are becoming always more important.

The creative view for graphic customization projects is constantly increasing, but among  idea and realization, there is technology.

Being equipped with machines that allow to manage internally laminating and enhancing processes, becomes a really important  advantage if  you need to be competitive in this market.

In addition to protecting, lamination allows to make precious those products that will reflect your company image, adding a perception of uniqueness.

Among the most used lamination effects there is certainly  soft touch lamination that, on business cards, shoppers and packaging, provides a delicate added value  to sight and touch.

In particular, regarding shoppers,  lamination does not only have an aesthetic role, but it is  also used to protect your product from unpleasant breaking.

Glossy  lamination instead is often used to valorize the brilliance of products, especially those destined  to cosmetics, perfumery and publishing.

In  places like perfumeries, where the consumers exposes themselves to different sensorial  inducements concentrated in the same place at the same moment, it’s crucial  that the proposed packaging is distinctive and invites to discover its content.

To make it happens, it’s important that packaging design satisfies the consumer continuous and constant research of positive and memorable experience.

Enhancing process is required in food industry as well, because it helps to make stronger the already recognised quality of MADE IN ITALY.

Boxes, presentation coffret, and displays  are only some of the products  which thanks to enhancing,  aquired a significant added value, valorising details and harmonies of colors.

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