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Our goal is trying to solve your problems with our machines everyday.

In order to manufacture machines that are a real solution, we asked to our customers which are the difficulties they constantly meet.

Lamination of light paper is surely one of the most recurring problems which our customers have to face.
For all those companies dealing with the production of agendas, malette, couvette, it is really important to manage also light paper (80/90 gr).

Light paper is often used also in publishing to make for example hard covers.

Independently from company type it is important to be sure to work with machines that can manage light paper without damaging the prints in no way.
Moreover on high range machines can add optionals to reduce the natural paper curling that often can reveal problematic the following jobs.

As you can see in this VIDEO, with DIGIT, EVOLUTION and QUANTUM you will easily manage the lamination of grammages that you would have never expected.

A quite popular job that is rarely connected to lamination is window lamination.
Window lamination is particulary required in digital world; it is possible to add window optional on all our machines range, from entry to top level. Digital customer need to enhance even few pieces and with this particular device they can manage even short runs. (VIDEO)

Last but not least is lamination of corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is often used to make displays and totem whose function is to carry the products for which they were created for.
Optional for cardboard lamination is available on our whole range; with our machines you will laminate and so protect your prints without pressing too much the wave; thus maintaining the integrity of the final product. (VIDEO)

To book a demo and see our machines at work write to , we will be pleased to welcome you in our plant near Cremona.

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